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Just Down the Hall: A Sanctuary

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Rush rush rush. Run run run. Go to the bathroom, brush teeth, shower, brush hair, put
on makeup, leave. And repeat. And repeat. And … repeat.

Sound familiar? If you have a bathroom in your house, it probably does.

Well, since you’re here, let’s just take a quick second and take a look at the
obvious. The word is bathroom. Or, to put it another way, restroom. I see
the words bath and rest in there. I’ve never heard of a mascara room or a
floss after meals room. Sure, a bathroom or restroom is the main place
where these things happen, but when is the last time you rested, or bathed,
in your bathroom?

Do you have stress or anxiety in your life? Do you like to take a break every once
in a while and relax? Do you get a message to unwind and take some time for
yourself … and do you find yourself feeling refreshed once you have?

If you answered “yes” to one or more of these questions, then keep reading. If not,
then there is a good chance that you literally are a robot.

How’s that working out for you?

Many homeowners like the idea of a whirlpool tub in their master bath when they buy, build, or remodel. “Ooooohhhhh, it will be so nice to have and use so often and offer a great break from reality.” But if you are like most homeowners, those jets get turned on once, maybe twice a year. Or, ultimately, a shower is all you think you need. There are a number of reasons why this is, including the noise associated with the jets, the “time” it takes to fill up the tub (really people … what are some other things you take 5 – 7 minutes to do?), and/or thinking that taking the time to unwind and relax is something that is reserved only for a vacation or occasionally at the health club. Or simply, like many new things, the luster of this shiny new “toy” just wears off.

Well, if you have a whirlpool tub, break out of your lazy haze and use it! Treat yourself! Listen to some music, light some candles, turn off the phone, and relax. Seriously.
You do deserve it.

Whirlpool / Air Tub Combo by American Standard

If you are considering a bath/rest remodel, if you’re building, or if you’re looking for quieter, more energy-efficient tub with a more luxurious experience, or a different type of therapy versus the traditional hydrotherapy/whirlpool tub … and all at attractive prices … then Immerse is ready to help you select this centerpiece of your very own in-home sanctuary.

Air Tub by Bain Ultra

We feature the state-of-the-art, leading therapy and soaking tub manufacturers, including: American Standard, Porcher, Americh, Aquatic, Bain Ultra, Jason, TOTO, Lacava, Stone Forest, Victoria + Albert, and many more. Microsilk therapy and air tub (or “bubble” tub) are two of the newer technologies recently introduced that have further revolutionized the therapy tub experience. These tubs pamper you with thousands of warm air bubbles, and unlike traditional whirlpool tubs, allow you to use bath oils, sea salts, or therapeutic herbs to enhance your experience … without the worry of damaging the tub’s pipes.

Freestanding Tub by Lacava

And there are even more types of tubs, including ones that integrate chroma-therapy (the science of light).

And like most any fixture at Immerse, these tubs are available in a variety of different styles, finishes, and sizes. But don’t let this article about relieving stress stress you out. Just come see as at Immerse, where the area’s leading plumbing design experts are ready to explain, and show you, all of the different options to find the tub that is right for you. All in an environment designed to be a sanctuary in unto itself.

See you soon!   Immerse – For the Love of Water

Low Cost/High Impact Ideas to Upgrade Your Bathroom … Today!

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Think you need to break the bank to give your bathroom a quick, yet lasting, makeover?

Not so fast, my friend.

Here are some ideas to consider when you want to add style and functionality to your bathroom … with just a limited investment:

  1. Add a medicine cabinet. Today’s bath cabinets are designed in a wide array of fun, stylish finishes other than the expected mirrored front. And they come with a number of terrific features, including lockboxes for meds, built-in magnifying mirrors & electric  outlets, and are offered in a variety of configurations to maximize your  bathroom storage space (think 4, 6, and even 8″ deep!);
  2. Add a mirror with integrated lighting. Mirrors with integrated lighting can not only brighten up (literally and figuratively) an entire bathroom space, but they also provide added illumination to help you look and feel better as you head out for your day or evening;
  3. Integrate a TV into your bathroom space. There are a number of mirrors and medicine cabinets on the market for you to choose from that are designed to accomomodate low-profile TVs. Get caught up on overnight events as you prep for your day, or unwind when you get home. Plus, a TV in the bathroom always gets people talking!;
  4. Replace a faucet. With so many interesting, and stylish designs to select from, there is sure to be a sink faucet that integrates seamlessly within your bathroom, while adding a fresh touch to the entire space;
  5. Install new cabinet hardware. Easy to do, inexpensive, and with a wide variety of patterns and finishes to choose from, new cabinet hardware is a no-brainer when it comes to giving your bathroom a fast, yet lasting, upgrade;
  6. Add a new shower head. A new shower head will not only add style to your space, but with so many new and fabulous products on the market, you are sure to find a spray-type that will invigorate you like never before. Choose from luxurious champagne sprays to nebulizing mists that can simulate the experience of a steam shower!
The team at Immerse is standing by to help you outfit your bathroom with these ideas, and to offer many more that will get your bathroom looking fresh in no time at all. Literally!

So schedule your one-on-one tour of Immerse today by calling us at 314.375.1500.

See you soon!

Add Space to Your Bathroom, In the Space You Already Have

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We often hear people say that they would love to add space to their bathroom with a bath remodel, but are leery of the prospect with the thought of walls coming down, and the associated disruption to their daily routine … not to mention disruption to their bank account.

Well if this is you, don’t fret, because you have options! Options that will allow you to create both real and perceived space, add functionality and style, all without breaking walls, or the bank.

For example:

  • Corner sinks – Available in pedestal and wall-mounted styles, a standalone corner sink offers functional appeal, while opening up marked floor space.

  • Toilets with flat tank tops – low-profile, flat-top tanks create additional storage space in your bath, making the area that was previously occupied by a separate tall tank now free to accommodate your storing needs … with stylish organizers placed directly on top of the tank, and / or with shelves or cabinets mounted on the wall above the tank.
    • Small scale, wall-mounted sink & cabinet combination – A wall-mounted, all-in-one combination sink and cabinet piece will make your bath look & feel much larger and uncluttered! Plus, these smart pieces still provide ample storage for your toiletries and towels.

    • Curved quadrant shower bases with curved shower doors – These gorgeous pieces not only add significant style to any bath space, but save significant space as well. They offer plenty of room to shower on the inside, while freeing up at least one square foot on the outside.

    • Semi-encased sinks – Limited mounting depth is needed for these simple, yet attractive standalone pieces. You won’t sacrifice functionality, but you will create both visual and real bath space.

      Immerse offers a wide selection of these space saving products, with many more low-cost, high-return ideas & products just waiting to be shared with you. All you have to do is contact us today, and we will be happy to schedule your very own one-on-one tour of our studio showroom.

      Add Value To Your Next Remodel With Eco-Friendly Fixtures!

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      At Immerse, St. Louis’ only kitchen and bath plumbing fixture studio for design & plumbing professionals and their clients, we believe you don’t need to sacrifice form for function – especially when it comes to eco-friendly solutions for the bath.

      According to a recent National Association of Realtors survey, bathroom remodeling
      “offers a 68.7 percent return on investment.”
      Adding even more value to that investment is the installation of bathroom fixtures labeled with the EPA WaterSense label. The EPA notes
      that “by installing WaterSense-labeled bathroom sink faucets or faucet accessories, an average household can save more than 500 gallons each year. Also, since these water savings will reduce demands on water heaters, households will also save energy.”

      WaterSense-labeled products can reduce a sink’s water flow by 30 percent or more …
      without sacrificing performance. And in today’s environment, where consumers remain cautious
      with their spending, while the push for eco-friendly products continues to grow, affordable,
      high-performing, and energy-efficient WaterSense products ensure that indeed form doesn’t
      need to be sacrificed for function.

      Immerse features a wide variety of product lines that contain the WaterSense label, including American Standard, Brizo, Grohe, Moen, TOTO, and many, many more – offered in
      an array of attractive finishes and prices to meet any style, taste, and budget.

      So contact us today, and one of our team members will be delighted to show you how WaterSense products are just one of the ways that Immerse turns inspiration into reality.

      Native Trails Make an Impact!

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      The holiday season is a time for giving back, and one of our partner vendors, Native Trails, is providing their customers a way to make a global impact.

      From a backNative Trailssplash for your kitchen sink to house numbers displayed near your front door, Native Trails offers beautifully hand-crafted Pure Talavera tiles for a multitude of projects. And, when you choose to include Pure Talavera products in your design, you’re supporting people around the world who created these pieces using traditional methods originating from Talavera de la Reina, Spain. Better yet, through their tile sales, Native Trails dedicates 100% of their profits to Kiva, a non-profit global financing organization that provides micro loans to entrepreneurs with limited or no access to traditional banking systems.

      Native Trails leads the industry in artisan crafted, eco-conscious furnishings and fixtures for the kitchen and bath. From high-quality recycled copper sinks to bath vanities made of reclaimed wood, Native Trails uses a variety of sustainable materials while supporting indigenous artists from around the world. Stop into our showroom to see some of their beautiful products we carry!

      ‘Tis the season for giving back!

      MicroSilk™ – A New Way to Bathe

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      It’s all about the bubbles! MicroSilk™ Hydrotherapy by Jason International offers so much more than just a relaxing bath. This innovative technology is unlike any bath you’ve experienced, and now you can experience it at our studio!

      What’s the difference?

      Billions of oxygen-rich microbubbles super saturate the bath water and create therapeutic levels of anions, which are known to improve serotonin levels. This helps to relax the mind and body, promoting deep sleep, and enhancing recovery from physical exhaustion. This is not your average “bubble bath”!

      MicroSilk™ increases oxygen levels up to 70 percent higher than common tap water. Because they’re so small, the microbubbles remain suspended in the water, blanketing your body in a luxurious cloud of oxygen. This increased oxygen level provides a multitude of benefits for the mind, body and spirit, including:

      Moisturizing and cleansing at the same time. The negatively charged bubbles enter your pores, bond to impurities, and gently lift them away, leaving your skin clean and feeling silky smooth.

      Continual, consistent warmth. Because of their tiny size, microbubbles tend to remain suspended below the water’s surface. As suspended bubbles collapse, heat energy is released into the water. Your bath water stays warm… no need to continually add more hot water!

      Be clean AND green! By maintaining the warm temperature, the dissolving microbubbles help save water and energy. Microbubbles also help reduce chemical use because they clean your skin, reducing the need for soap. That’s good for you and the environment.

      It’s good for your health. The bath’s increased oxygen level energizes cells, stimulates the immune system, kills bacteria, and promotes healing. We like to call it the perfect “detox bath”; good for both body and mind.

      Stop into our studio to learn more about the “magic bath” and see the difference for yourself!

      Electric Mirror – the Wave of the Future

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      Is it a mirror? Or is it a TV?

      It’s both! Electric Mirror, recently introduced in the renovated Bel-Air Hotel in Los Angeles, seamlessly blends form and function. We are thrilled to showcase this innovative collection at Immerse!

      Electric Mirror offers an array of state-of-the-art products that create the ultimate first impression. We are excited to be the only dealer in over 200 miles that offers this cutting-edge line.

      Modern Lighted Mirrors: These eco-friendly mirrors provide custom lighting with a simple touch of luxury. They make putting on makeup a dream!

      Mirror TVs: Gaze at your reflection, OR watch your favorite TV show, or both! When you turn your tv off, your space is still turned on!

      Waterproof TVs: The waterproof TV transforms a bathroom into a luxury spa. The simple-to-install waterproof design allows you to relax, revitalize and soak in a tub, while enjoying your favorite show.

      Bath Cabinets: This collection is a fusion of design subtlety and modern technology. They provide perfect lighting AND vivid TV viewing in an ultra slim mirrored medicine cabinet.

      Stay ahead of the curve and come see Electric Mirror for yourself. Stop into Immerse to experience the latest bath technology and how it is transforming the way people think about their design projects!