Aquatic offers the largest and most innovative selection of whirlpool tubs, freestanding tubs, showers and bathware accessories. The company’s world-leading Hydrotherapy, Everyday and Accessible lines include more than 300 products for virtually every need in St.Louis.

Full-body therapy or a targeted massage. Delicate, oscillating waves or pulsating jets. Whatever soothing powers you need, Aquatic has a whirlpool tub with the innovative technology to deliver, along with a variety of beautiful design options to flow seamlessly with your available space.

The Everyday line provides products at every budget and aesthetic at over 150 styles. The Accessible collection takes away barriers found with most products – this line includes ADA and ANSI-compliant products that can be customized to provide a solution for anyone They Hydrotherapy line utilizes bubbles, soft currents and heat to make stress evaporate. Beyond the sublime spa experience, you’ll find more color choices, design options and customizable solutions for whirlpool tubs, baths and showers than anywhere else.
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