bainultra bathtub
The BainUltra Bathtub story began in 1977, with the concept of transforming the bathing experience from one of necessity to one of bliss. BainUltra re-focused on relaxation, overall wellness and good health. With their invention of the air jet bath, they brought a truly new definition of hydrotherapy the the tub and created a new norm in bathing.

Your bathroom can literally be transformed into a private oasis through the innovative products that BainUltra offers – the BainUltra Bathtub showcases the company’s passion for bringing truly life-changing concepts to market.

Every BainUltra Bathtub has therapeutic qualities. From the feel, the shape, the overall design, the ergonomics and the technology, you’ll experience the height of relaxation and wellness here. Good for your body; good for your mind.

Which BainUltra Bathtub Is Right For You?

Here at Immerse, we’re wild about the ThermoMasseur bath which uses warm, air-jet massage technology to achieve deep relaxation. And a BainUltra Bathtub with ThermaSens is truly a revolutionary product. It utilizes three different therapies (aromatherapy, chromatherapy and thermotherapy) to achieve bliss through calmness and heightened balance.

  1. Aromatherapy incorporates essential oils which come from nature – leaves, tree bark and fresh flowers. The aromatherapy can be incorporated into the bath via a diffuser or as a bath additive.
  2. Chromotherapy is truly amazing – not just a visual sensation but a real science that uses changes in color to transform bliss. The use of red, orange, yellow, green, blue and violet through an LED light system integrated into the BainUltra Bathtub can absolutely be mood transforming.
  3. Thermotherapy takes advantage of the healing effects that comes with heat. A BainUltra Bathtub with WarmTouchShell is a high-tech product that can raise an internal body temperature, having positive outcomes with oxygen circulation within bloodflow and muscle relaxation.






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