electric mirror -bathroom tv mirror
Electric Mirror’s expanded production line includes luxury Lighted Mirrors and Makeup Mirrors, an area in which the company saw huge potential for upscale hotels. That foresight would later be realized in a big way, but in the beginning the hotel industry was slow to share their vision. “It took two to three years minimum before our concept caught on.”

Surprising technology with beautiful design work has distinguished Electric Mirror from the beginning, first in the hospitality industry and now with a growing residential client base. The company’s Lighted Mirrors sell more than any of their competitors combined, along with Lighted Makeup vanities, their Bathroom TV Mirror and Mirrored Medicine Cabinets. For St.Louis homes or hospitality, its the perfect choice.

Learn About the Introduction of Their Bathroom TV Mirror

Electric Mirror created an entertainment mirror TV that uses patented technology allowing the image to shine through the mirror with very little glare. It’s a product where one can see a perfect TV picture inside of a beautiful mirror.  Their water resistant Bathroom TV Mirror is a thin and bright, high-definition screen that comes in a dozen models. Plus, they are incredible easy to install in your home. (And, of course, the Bathroom TV Mirror comes with a waterproof remote control!)
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