Virgo. Fond of wine, cheese, and rooting for the underdog. Her style is comfortable and classic till the end, but she loves to unleash the style of Katherine Hepburn.Carolyn believes everyone has a style…sometimes it just takes a bit of digging to uncover it. She hopes to help you pull together a design concept that creates a space unlike any you might dream up on your own.

Leigh Suffian

Pisces: Music and mountains. She is open minded and versatile, and appreciates the classic and cutting edge.Leigh suggests that you remain open to design alternatives you haven’t experienced before. Allow your taste to evolve over time.


Capricorn. Lives out loud. Relishes travel and other cultures. Devoted to a 3lb ‘diva’ Yorkie. Embraces a mix of style…contrary to a hairstyle that screams contemporary.Tami’s design philosophy? The most important element in designing spaces are the people who use them. Tami believes that by focusing on the client’s personal style, budget and needs, that they can be combined to create a space that not only reflects the client’s personality, but is functional and comfortable as well.

Jo Ann

Leo. Weakness for Motown, antique shopping and red wine… not necessarily in that order. Comfortable with all design, transitional to eclectic. Adores Ivy, her pet morkie.Jo Ann’s design philosophy? Be brave…never wish you didn’t take your vision right to the end!


Cancer. Worships shoes and her mom’s ice cream pie… has a talent for gardening, designing, and entertaining. Believes in always going the extra mile.Anne’s design philosophy? Every space has the potential to be fabulous and reflect the personality of the customer. Anne believes in educating the customer on a wide variety of product and price ranges. She wants people to feel confident about, and love, the products that they are selecting.


Taurus. 2001 changed her world with the birth of her only child. Life has been moving at an unbelievably fast pace since then!Beth believes you should begin the design process with a “wish list”. You never now what exciting things can happen if you don’t limit yourself from the start.

Welcome to Immerse: a trade showroom for our customers to share with their clients.

Our team:

A group of energetic, friendly, women with varied, overlapping skills who love plumbing!

Our experience ranges:

From design, construction, space planning, wholesale & showroom sales

Our mission:

To help you create stunning kitchens and baths

Our studio:

An inspiring space designed locally to spark your individuality