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The company was founded in 1947, in Oakland, CA, by Ray and Ann Flores. First known as “Pacific Cement Laundry Tray Company”, its sole product was cement laundry trays. Ray and Ann had a simple approach to doing business: “You stand behind your product and you take care of the customers.” This attitude later proved to be a formula for success.

In 1958, terrazzo shower receptors and mop sinks were added to the product line. The success of this addition changed the focus of the company. It also prompted a renaming of the company to, Florestone Products Company. The new name was a combination of “Flores”, the family name, and “stone”, the new successful product line. Now, with the family’s name on every unit, quality and service became a matter of personal pride. Today, Florestone continues to evolve and grow throughout the St.Louis region.
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