rohl faucets
Founded in 1983, the Rohl Faucets were created by the Rohl Family – a company based on traditional family values, integrity, trust and an innovative spirit. The company was born out of a vision that Ken Rohl had for a new product innovation – the pull-out kitchen faucet, which has dramatically altered the U.S. kitchen faucet landscape.

Rohl Faucets have continued to expand beyond the original pull-out faucet and today the company offers a beautiful selection of high quality, unique fixtures for both the bathroom and the kitchen.

Rohl’s kitchen collection combines function with innovation, offering a unique line of fixtures, faucets and sinks that provide grace and style to any home.

Rohl faucets are often seen in the most beautiful of bathrooms as Rohl’s designs are based on the notion that no other space is as ideal for relaxing and pampering. When you choose the rustic Tuscan or Modern faucet, each series comes with accessories to complete the look. Rohl faucets are typically the centerpiece of any bathroom!

Rohl’s shower collection is notable in the industry for amazing design, unique craftsmanship and incredible attention paid to luxurious details such as generous shower roses, rain bars and body sprays. Whether you have an eye for modern or tend to be more traditional, Immerse can help you select from the Rohl offering.

Rohl faucets can only be found in select showrooms including Immerse in St.Louis. We’d love to share this fabulous line with you.

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