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Perennial Crop Towel over tile

About: Immerse’s Tips & Trends

Wondering what the best tile options are to use in a shower? Or what the current kitchen sink trends are? Or maybe you’re simply just looking for the hottest tips in the kitchen and bath industry? Our blog is here to answer all of your questions.
Immerse Kitchen and Bath Plumbing Fixtures Logo
Bathroom Remodeling Design

Your Step-By-Step Guide to a Successful Bathroom Remodel

Taking on a bathroom remodel requires a blend of practicality and creativity. You want to absolutely love your space’s new design while also making it functional. After all, it is a space where you spend a significant amount of your time. Bathroom remodeling involves more than simply choosing tile or

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Toto Bathroom Bidet

Bidets: Is it time to make a change in your bathroom?

Personal hygiene can be a sensitive subject — especially when it comes to our toilet habits. Due to increased exposure through international travel and innovations in bidet technology, more U.S. consumers are showing interest in the once elusive bidet. It might even seem like anyone and everyone now owns a

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Round Undermount Bathroom Sink from Immerse

The secrets to a timeless bathroom

The bathroom — our last stop before bed and our first destination when we wake up. Our bathrooms are our personal retreats from the rest of the world.   This is a compelling reason to make your bathroom a soothing place to spend your time. Consider choosing timeless and classical fixtures

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luxury kitchen sink and faucet on display at immerse

Transform Your Kitchen With These 2023 Design Trends

Your kitchen is the heart of your home. It’s where family and friends come together and where memories are made — that’s why kitchen design is so important. If you’re ready to reimagine your kitchen into a space that not only functions better but also brings warmth and personality into

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luxury bathroom lighting led mirror

Light the Way – Bathroom Lighting

Lighting changes the mood of a room and the perceived size of a room. The placement and type of bathroom lighting are important aspects of design, working in conjunction with color selections, room size, availability of natural light and sink, tub and furniture selection.  Light Fixtures Light fixtures provide an

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Franke Pulldown Faucet

Disinfecting Your Kitchen Sink

Never use cleaning solutions with bleach or acid on your sink or faucet. Here’s some tips offered by Franke for safely cleaning and disinfect your stainless, chrome, fireclay, or granite sink and faucet. (For other faucet finishes not listed, only perform steps 1 and 2.) Remove all items surrounding your

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