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Welcome to Immerse: a trade showroom for our customers (designers, architects, contractors, plumbers, and builders) to share with their clients.

Our team:

A group of energetic and friendly individuals with varied, overlapping skills who love well-made and well-designed kitchen and bathroom fixtures.

Our experience:

It varies, ranging from design and space planning to construction to furnishing and wholesale and showroom sales.

Our mission:

To help you create unique and stunning kitchens and baths in an inspirational, low-stress environment.

Our gallery/showroom:

An innovative space designed for you to experience plumbing fixtures and hardware that spark your individuality and inspire your creativity.

The members of our team include:

  • Leigh
  • Tami
  • Anne
  • Paul
  • Jennie P
    Jennie P
  • Mary
  • Emily
  • Jessica Pape
    Jessica Pape