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Say Goodbye to Bathroom Trends that are Going Out of Style

The bathroom is the last room in your home you want to feel behind the times. While minimalism and all-white spaces have reigned supreme in bathroom design for years, bold color and texture are being ushered in as the new royalty of bathroom design trends. Don’t leave your bathroom in the dark ages — here are four bathroom trends that are going out of style this year. 

1. All-white bathrooms are overdone

(Left to right: Waterworks shower system, Devon & Devon Hollywood bathtub, Devon & Devon Scottie Vanity, Robern AiO lighted mirror)

In recent years, all-white bathrooms have been omnipresent. White walls and installations are bright and easily kept clean, but they can also feel simple. When getting ready in the morning, touches of color in the bathroom can give a boost of positive energy. 

While light tones are still popular, cool blues and greens give character to floors and bathroom tiles, while warm tones in fixtures and hardware provide balance and contrast. Color can be incorporated into nearly every part of a bathroom design — from wall coverings and tiled floors to painted or stained bathroom cabinets and other bathroom accessories to veined stone countertops and modern and bold brass fixtures. Even tubs and ceramic bathroom sinks come in bright tones to lend a pop of color to a space! 

2. Ditch minimalism and go all-out with texture and pattern

(Left to right: Waterworks Stockton & Bond hardware, Vitraform Palmier engraved glass sink, DXV Belshire vanity, Waterworks Repose tile)

Going hand-in-hand with the farewell to stark white, interior designers are disavowing minimalism and embracing its cooler counterpart: maximalism. Color isn’t the only way to make a statement — dramatic textures and patterns help add character to your bathroom design. 

The newest bathroom trends incorporate patterns through floor tiles and wall coverings. Surfaces present a great opportunity to play with texture, with natural touches like reclaimed wood cabinets or unfinished stone bathroom countertops. In particular, rough, fluted stone tile is growing in popularity for bathroom walls and showers. Finally, subtle style can be added into the smallest features, particularly in bathroom faucets and cabinet hardware

3. Slim down your bulky tubs

(From left to right: DXV Oak Hill freestanding tub, Victoria + Albert Cheshire soaking tub, Victoria + Albert Wessex freestanding tub, Devon & Devon Dove freestanding tub)

After the toilet, the bathtub is the focal point of the bathroom, so make sure it’s drawing attention for the right reasons. In 2023, avoid bathroom trends of decades past like bulky built-in tubs with space-age era jacuzzi jets.

Instead, indulge in the inherent luxury of the tub by choosing a standalone soaking bathtub. Clawfoot tubs give a classical, vintage feeling, and they add intrigue and character without looking dated. Decisive bathtub design elements like shape and form can make even a plain tub look high-class. 

4. Move away from matchy-matchy to bathroom designs that will last

(From left to right: THG Froufrou faucet, Lacava N-33 vessel sink, Waterworks Magma field tile with Regulator knob, Waterworks Easton lever handles)

For a long time, common bathroom design wisdom had been to match the color of the tub, bathroom sink, and toilet to one another, while making sure that all bathroom fixtures and fittings matched as well. It might seem like using the bathtub as a place to add color means you’re committing to a colored toilet and sink as well — but that couldn’t be further from the truth. 

Mix and match styles for toilets, sinks, and tubs, allowing one or two to be statement pieces while the others remain understated. And while mixing metals has long been taboo, that is no longer the case in 2023 bathroom trends. You can pick complementary finishes in your fixtures, faucets, and showerheads for a surprising yet pleasant overall look. 

Ready to embrace 2023 bathroom design trends?

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