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Bidets: Is it time to make a change in your bathroom?

Personal hygiene can be a sensitive subject — especially when it comes to our toilet habits. Due to increased exposure through international travel and innovations in bidet technology, more U.S. consumers are showing interest in the once elusive bidet. It might even seem like anyone and everyone now owns a bidet or washlet!

Before you dismiss the possibility of adding a bidet or washlet to your bathroom, we did some research to convince you why you DO need one — immediately! 

Feel fresh with a bidet

Let’s not be shy — the most-used seat in the home has seen good times and bad. Some side effects of too much bathroom time can include irritation and tenderness, which is only exacerbated by dry and rough toilet tissue. 

Bidets and washlets take your bum’s cleanliness to a new level. While a bidet is a separate entity from your toilet, washlets can be installed discreetly within the lid or seat of your pre-existing bathroom toilet to cleanse with a soothing stream of water. 

Features can include: 

  • Variable water temperature and pressure
  • Air dry fans 
  • Heated seating
  • Remote operation 
  • Nightlights
  • Auto-flush

Since they can be remote-controlled, a hands-free washlet can give independence back to those with mobility issues or even those postpartum or recovering from a surgery. The adjustable pressure and temperature provides that gentleness your skin needs! 

Waste less with a bidet

Did you know bidets and washlets use less water overall than toilet paper? It’s almost hard to believe, but toilet paper manufacturing can waste dozens of gallons of water per roll produced. Additionally, the chlorine used to bleach toilet tissue creates chemical waste, which ends up in our water. 

We can’t forget to mention the soggy elephant in the room — wet wipes. Some non-bidet users seek a more thorough clean with wet wipes instead of dry toilet paper. Despite often advertising themselves as flushable, these wipes may not properly break down in water and can cause plumbing blockages, as well as pollute sewer systems. 

With a bidet or washlet, you can rest assured your environmental impact is lower with every flush. Bonus: you’ll never be stuck sending a text for someone to bring you more TP. That alone makes it worth it in our minds!

Which bidet should you get?

So now you know the benefits of having a bidet, which should you buy? Choosing the right bidet or washlet comes entirely down to budget and preference. You can buy a washlet as an under-the-seat attachment, a complete seat replacement, or pre-installed as part of a new toilet. 

As one of the earliest and most sophisticated manufacturers of washlets, TOTO’s product line illustrates a range of features and offers the best washlet at every price. Book a private showroom tour at Immerse to explore the TOTO line.

TOTO C5 Washlet Seat

Toto Washlet

(TOTO Washlet A2)

The C5 washlet seat is one of the most affordable options, featuring air drying, deodorizing, and auto-cleaning capabilities. Adjustable water and seat temperature is controlled by a wireless remote with an illuminated touchpad. 

TOTO S550E Washlet Seat

TOTO Washlet S550E One-Piece Toilet in St. Louis

(TOTO Washlet S550E One-Piece Toilet)

The S550E boasts five different spray settings and instantaneous water heating, as well as the C5 washlet seat’s features. Automatic opening and closing capabilities are an added bonus!

TOTO G450 Integrated Smart Toilet

(TOTO G450 Integrated Smart Toilet)

The G450 offers an expanded range of settings over the washlet seat style. This integrated toilet includes air purification, a high-powered jet flushing system, and automated opening and closing. The sleek, low profile skirted design adds an air of elegance to the space. 

TOTO Neorest AH Dual Flush Toilet

TOTO Neorest AH Dual-Flush Toilet

(TOTO Neorest AH Dual-Flush Toilet)

The most luxurious bathroom washlet … This standalone smart toilet needs no additional bidet washlet installation and features remote control opening, closing, flushing, and bidet activation. The variable water temperature and pressure is complemented by the air drying and deodorizing functions. Don’t miss the seat at night with its built-in nightlight. 

Ready to live life with a clean(er) bum?

You’ve heard all the benefits and you’ve explored all your options — now it’s time to make the switch. Find out which washlet will work best in your bathroom remodel by viewing washlets and smart toilets in-person at the Immerse showroom. Book your tour today!

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