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Take a good look in the mirror: All your bathroom mirror questions answered

Mirrors have a transformative power in any room, but especially in spaces like a primary bath or guest bath. They aren’t merely functional, reflective surfaces to help you check your appearance before you head out into the world. Bathroom mirrors are style statements, light enhancers, and space creators. The right mirror can significantly uplift your bathroom’s aesthetic appeal, crafting a sanctuary where daily rituals morph from mundane to something you look forward to.

With a myriad of style options available – styles, shapes, and sizes, in addition to other features including lighting – choosing the perfect mirror that fits your needs and complements your bathroom’s look and feel can be daunting. 

Explore the key considerations for selecting bathroom mirrors, so you can find one that reflects your unique style.

What’s the current trend for bathroom mirrors?

Bathroom decor is constantly evolving and new trends emerge each season. Yet, bathroom mirrors remain a timeless focal point and centerpiece of your space. Some of the latest mirror trends we’re seeing include:

Framed bathroom mirrors

Framed bathroom mirrors encapsulate structured elegance within a definitive border, providing a finished look that works well with traditional and modern aesthetics.

Waterworks Framed Bathroom Mirror

Bathroom mirrors with lights 

Functional and decorative, bathroom mirrors with built-in lighting create clear, vibrant lighting with the touch of a button. Plus, no more shocking overhead lighting necessary!

Lighted Bathroom Mirror

Farmhouse bathroom mirrors

The rustic charm of farmhouse mirrors contrasts beautifully with blacks, whites, grays, and other neutrals. 

Black farmhouse bathroom mirrors

Modern bathroom mirrors

Sleek, minimalist modern bathroom mirror designs seamlessly blend form and function with clean lines, geometric shapes, and a contemporary aesthetic.

Modern bathroom mirrors with storage

Luxury bathroom mirrors

Luxury bathroom mirrors made with high-quality materials like crystal and intricate details including beveling and etching make a glamorous statement. 

Luxury bathroom mirrors with lights

Built-in mirrors

Sleek, modern, glam, traditional, and everything in between — functionality and style intersect with a mirrored medicine cabinet

Built in lighted mirror

How big should your bathroom mirror be?

When choosing a bathroom mirror, generally a mirror shouldn’t be wider than the bathroom vanity it sits above. With a smaller vanity, oversized bathroom mirrors could appear disproportionate and overwhelming. On the other hand, a large statement mirror could also create the illusion of more space in a smaller bathroom.

If you’re unsure about what size bathroom mirror to select, cut out the measurements of mirrors you’re considering and place above your vanity. In the end, if YOU love it, then it’s the perfect size for your bath space. 

What shape should my bathroom mirror be? 

The shape of your mirror brings visual interest and makes an impact.

Oval and round bathroom mirrors

Circular shapes feel fresh, add fluidity, and soften your overall bathroom aesthetic, in any sized space. 

Round bathroom lighted mirrors

Square and rectangular bathroom mirrors 

Angular mirrors provide a classic, balanced structure. These mirrors also pair well with geometric tile patterns or patterned wall coverings.

Square bathroom mirrors

Unique shape bathroom mirrors

An unconventional shape like a starburst, diamond, or asymmetrical outline make a bold style statement. 

Unique bathroom mirrors

Is a bathroom mirror with lights worth the hype? 


Backlit and perimeter-lit mirrors create an ambient glow, which elevates both form and function with a modern touch. Grooming and makeup application is made much easier with ample task lighting! 

Lighted bathroom mirror and medicine cabinet

Can you put a decorative mirror in the bathroom? 

There’s no hard and set rule on if you should have a decorative mirror in your bath. We’ll say you can do anything that’s a priority to you and your style!

Decorative mirrors provide an artistic touch and make stunning focal points. Beveled edges, Venetian glass design, or hand-painted details incorporate artistic flair.

Decorative bathroom mirrors

Where should you place your mirrors? 

Where you place your bathroom mirror(s) also affects the look and utility. 

Your main statement mirror above the bathroom sink anchors your vanity, and the behind-the-faucet positioning lets you take one last look before you’re out the door. 

If you have a larger space, like a primary bath, you can additionally mount or lean a full-length mirror near a spa tub or shower to view your full outfit or look. Plus, it can maximize the light in the room, making it feel bigger. 

Add character to your space with a bathroom mirror

A mirror adds a touch of elegance to your bathroom — no matter which style and shape you choose! 

Are you ready to create a beautiful bespoke bathroom reflection? Book a showroom tour with us and discover where functionality meets style in designer bathroom mirrors. 

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