The Furniture Guild is an outstanding group of American artisans who lovingly craft the best bathroom, bedroom and kitchen furniture that the world has to offer – right here in the U.S.A. We proudly present three lines that span the breadth of most design tastes:

Contemporary 400/500/600 (Nuvo) – Our contemporary bath vanities feature unique finishes formerly only available in Europe and lighting kits resting along clean lines. Custom sizing is available to fit your master bath space.

Traditional 300 (Vanity Flair) – Our popular flagship of elegant bath furniture is comprised of more than 40 unique designs and finishes. This often-imitated yet never-duplicated series features multiple wood varieties including domestic and exotic veneers. Custom sizing is available to fit your master bath space.

Transitional 100/200 (Signature) – A series of bath vanities that offers our quality craftsmanship and style for more budget-conscious clients. Seven styles available in 14 sizes – all uniformly built – make them a value beyond compare!

And even Custom Work – For customers in our own backyard we offer the best of the best: from custom dining tables to complete interiors – your ideas brought to brilliant life.

Formaldehyde-free plywood and finishes, giving you assurance that your family is safe from toxic gasses – unlike many foreign products.

Only the best hardware is used in our soft close doors, drawers, articulated mirror enclosures, and hampers.

Got something special in mind? We design original pieces that win the hearts and minds of customers internationally.

Our furniture is built one piece at a time, and signed by the craftsman who made it.

Since we opened in 1984, our work has been highly prized for its quality and design, so much so that it is routinely copied by overseas factories using substandard materials to retail at the bulk outlets here in America. Our products cost more because they are worth more. Period.

Our masterpieces are truly “Tomorrow’s Heirlooms” and we take great pride in them. How can you be assured of that? We only use the finest materials available. We want your kids and grandkids to be happy you invested in something they would love not only for its practicality and timeless great looks, but for the memories of you that make them smile every time they use it.

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