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Add Space to Your Bathroom, In the Space You Already Have

We often hear people say that they would love to add space to their bathroom with a bath remodel, but are leery of the prospect with the thought of walls coming down, and the associated disruption to their daily routine … not to mention disruption to their bank account.

Well if this is you, don’t fret, because you have options! Options that will allow you to create both real and perceived space, add functionality and style, all without breaking walls, or the bank.

For example:

  • Corner sinks – Available in pedestal and wall-mounted styles, a standalone corner sink offers functional appeal, while opening up marked floor space.

corner sinks

  • Toilets with flat tank tops – low-profile, flat-top tanks create additional storage space in your bath, making the area that was previously occupied by a separate tall tank now free to accommodate your storing needs … with stylish organizers placed directly on top of the tank, and / or with shelves or cabinets mounted on the wall above the tank.
  • Small scale, wall-mounted sink & cabinet combination – A wall-mounted, all-in-one combination sink and cabinet piece will make your bath look & feel much larger and uncluttered! Plus, these smart pieces still provide ample storage for your toiletries and towels.

wall mounted sink and cabinet

  • Curved quadrant shower bases with curved shower doors – These gorgeous pieces not only add significant style to any bath space, but save significant space as well. They offer plenty of room to shower on the inside, while freeing up at least one square foot on the outside.

curved shower

  • Semi-encased sinks – Limited mounting depth is needed for these simple, yet attractive standalone pieces. You won’t sacrifice functionality, but you will create both visual and real bath space.

Immerse offers a wide selection of these space-saving products, with many more low-cost, high-return ideas & products just waiting to be shared with you. All you have to do is contact us today, and we will be happy to schedule your very own one-on-one tour of our studio showroom.

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