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What Bathtubs Are Made Of

Bathtub Materials and Pricing

Taking a bath is the ultimate in relaxation, but buying a bathtub can be quite a different story. We are here to help. The material you select in your tub determines the tub’s price, durability, and cleanability. Here are your choices in bathtub materials:


This is a durable synthetic material and the most popular.  Acrylic is available in a multitude of shapes, styles and sizes.  Some manufacturers offer designer colors although white is by far the most popular.  Therapeutic tubs are typically acrylic to accommodate the jets, air channels, etc.   Soaking (non-therapy) acrylic tubs come in a variety of price ranges.

Cast Iron

Is a classic material for tubs.  The styles may be limited.  Water tends to cool quicker in cast iron as the metal base takes longer to heat.

Concrete Composite

A stylish, lesser used material, concrete will have some color options as the concrete can be tinted when being poured.  The weight of the tub with water in it is something to consider depending on the installation! Immerse’s current display tub weighs 500 pounds!

Stone Composite

Stone composite bathtubs can include volcanic limestone, and also other similar materials like WetmarBio which is considered a ‘green’ option made of soy and mineral stone.  These tubs can be molded into many shapes with dramatic curves. Typically these are only soaking tubs (no jets) and are usually available only in white.


For example, copper –  a timeless consideration with varying levels of quality.  The copper gauge along with the quality of finishing techniques will determine the cost of this tub.  This type of tub requires a high level of maintenance. It is meant to patina, so the finish will change over time.

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We constantly have bath tubs on display at Immerse in St. Louis, and many are ready for you to fill and try out. Bring your designer and your swim suit and find out which bathtub material suits you best.

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