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Buyer Beware

Tips for Buying Fixtures

When renovating a kitchen or bath, home owners must consider where they will purchase their plumbing fixtures. While you may discover a cheaper fixture online or in a big box store like Home Depot or Lowe’s, these distributors get the higher volume versions where product quality is generally diminished. Many manufacturers release lower quality products that can only be found at these chain retail stores to meet certain price points. Although the products may look identical, the quality of the product found at big box and online stores is inferior to those bought from Immerse

Cheap Imitations

Big box and online stores sell fixtures that appear to be the same as some you will find at Immerse.  From their name, to their style, to the manufacturer, all at a bargain price. But what big box discount and online stores are not telling you is that these cheaper fixtures are filled with lower-quality, sub-par parts. You may believe you’re getting a bargain on a great fixture, when you’re really just getting a poorly made substitute.

Expensive Imitations

That faucet may seem like a bargain, but there’s no bargain when it breaks quickly, and you need to replace it instead of doing simple repairs. Big box and online store fixtures have a plastic shell and contain plastic fittings and cartridges. When plastic starts to build up calcium or starts to corrode, it cannot be brought back to its original condition. Immerse sells some of the same brands, but the products in our showroom have an actual metal finish, ceramic cartridges, and brass fittings. These products perform much better and are more reliable than the cheaper versions. And sometimes replacing the fixture involves costly renovations. Our philosophy is do it once, do it right, spend the money up front. Save yourself time and energy later.

Customer Service

That faucet might look great online, but will the finish match your other fixtures? Can you find the parts to fix it or install it in St. Louis? Does that shower come with the valves you need? When your plumbing product information comes from a kid in an apron with just a week of plumbing training, or from a website with seemingly endless choices, you won’t get the help and expertise you need to make your entire project a success.

So give yourself peace of mind and buy your plumbing fixtures through Immerse. It may be more expensive at first, but this product will outlast its inferior counterpart and eventually pay itself off.  Bring your plumber or designer in for an appointment with one of our team to see the array of products offered at our 4500 square foot space in Brentwood today.

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