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CLEAN LIVING, the Benefits of Washlets

Americans use 36.5 billion rolls of toilet paper — or the equivalent of 15 million trees — each year.  The manufacturing process also involves 473 billion gallons of water and 253,000 tons of chlorine for bleaching purposes.  Toilet paper also constitutes a significant load on city sewer systems and water treatment plants as it is often responsible for clogged pipes.

Hence the growing popularity of bidets, or as TOTO has coined, washlets. Instead of using toilet paper, bidets and washlets clean your posterior using a jet of water.  TOTO’s washlets also provide an air-drying mechanism.

In addition to the green aspects, bidets and washlets also provide important benefits for those with limited mobility. These folks will find a one-button to clean themselves preferable and certainly it can be more sanitary.

Neorest washlet by TOTOCurrent washlets host a dazzling array of functions: posterior water cleansing, female bidet water cleansing, automatic air drying, seat heating, massage, water and seat temperature controls, adjustable water nozzle positioning, self-cleaning nozzles, automatic seat and lid opening and closing, automatic flushing, air deodorizing, soap rinse, air conditioning controls, and power-saving modes that use washlet user history to determine when to turn on and off seat and water heating in order to conserve energy. And these are just some of the features offered. The actual control panels for the washlets are usually connected to the seat itself in an easy to reach place, while higher-end models have wireless wall-mounted panels complete with LCD’s.

To try a TOTO washlet in person, visit our restroom at Immerse in Brentwood. It’s lid lifts as you approach, the seat warms… we think you’ll be sold. It’s a wonderful addition to bathroom remodels.

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