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Create a Splash with Your Tub

When it comes to remodeling a bathroom, the tub you choose can make or break the design. The right tub can transform that daily soak from a mundane chore into a spa-like experience. This sizable fixture found in full bathrooms is always a statement piece. The room’s design tone can vibrate out from it. Manufacturers know that you want to create a splash with your design, while offering all the amenities clients look for in soaking tubs.  Introducing customizable tub finishes. 

Waterworks has a tub that can be ordered in “primed only” and finished in the field. Or they will finish the tub for you in a custom color that matches one of the Waterworks cabinet colors!  

Victoria + Albert has tubs that can also be painted after purchase.

Combining elegant sculpted design with unrivaled quality and performance, Victoria + Albert’s freestanding tubs make stunning centerpieces in any bathroom. Each of our bathtubs is crafted from a unique material we call ENGLISHCAST®. Unlike solid stone or cast iron, ENGLISHCAST® feels warm to the touch and offers exceptional heat insulation and scratch resistant properties. 

As well as standard White, each of Victoria + Albert’s baths and basins is available in six external paint finishes. However if you require an alternative color, it is possible to achieve after purchase by having it custom painted! With their smooth exterior surface, ENGLISHCAST® baths, basins and feet are easy to decorate using either oil or water based paints.

For that wow factor, try Slik Portfolio’s high quality finishes on their cast iron tubs like mirrored finishes, and antique & 22 carat gold!

We carry some amazing copper and concrete composite tubs by Native Trails. The concrete versions are handcrafted of a breakthrough combination of natural jute fiber and cement known as NativeStone, making them much lighter than expected. Their high-quality recycled copper tubs pay homage to the copper bathtub’s European heritage and tell the story of generations of Mexican artisanship. Through thousands of hammer strikes and over the course of weeks, the work of master coppersmiths reflects centuries of trade techniques that have been passed down and continually refined.

Stone Forest has sculpted tubs from stone, bronze, copper and wood. Here are just some examples from these brands:

Whether you are looking to bring an organic feel to the more clinical-feeling materials generally found in bathroom fixtures, for that perfect accent to a modern, geometric-focused contemporary style, or completing a rustic, farmhouse, or industrial home, there is a bath tub precisely suited to your needs at Immerse in Brentwood, a suburb of St. Louis, Missouri. Make your appointment online to visit our showroom today.

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