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Earth-friendly Plumbing Innovations

Earth Day got us reflecting on the sustainable practices of our partners. Here’s what we found: 



BainUltra firmly believes that inner wellness is achieved through daily efforts to maintain harmony with the world around us. They also recognize that wellness is at the core of our relationships with family, friends and the environment. BainUltra is convinced that innovation is part and parcel of sustainable development, so they incorporate the principles of eco-design and a life-cycle approach into their business practices, developing and manufacturing products that contribute to customers’ individual well-being as well as a healthier society and a greener world.


Brizo’s commitment to sustainability impacts everything they do—from WaterSense® labeled faucets and showerheads offered throughout all of their bath collections, to the revolutionary H2Okinetic®Technology that creates the feeling of a high-flow spray while using only a fraction of the water, they have products that exceed WaterSense® labeling requirements and are available to everyone looking to be more water conscious.


Using approximately 20% less water per flush than the environmental requirement for new toilets, the St. George is a certified high-efficiency, low-flow toilet that meets all EPA WaterSense® criteria


The GROHE brand stands for quality, technology, design and sustainability. Thus sustainability also means responsibility – responsibility towards people and the environment. Their various aspects of responsibility range from energy-saving technologies and production processes to resource efficiency, customer service and social and societal responsibility. Therefore environmental protection and resource conservation as well as occupational health and safety requirements are integral and important components of Grohe’s business strategy.


The natural environment, once thought of as indestructible, is in fact a fragile system, that we all must take responsibility to protect and nourish in consideration of the future generations. Lacava embraces the motto “Have concern for other people,” and makes every effort to respond to the market needs while respecting the goodness and beauty of nature. Lacava believes it is its responsibility to be committed to manufacturing top-notch furniture and to continuously look for ways to reduce and eventually eliminate the usage of environmentally unfriendly materials, byproducts, and processes.

Native Trails

Native Trails uses sustainable materials in many of their luxury bath products. These materials aren’t always what springs to mind when one envisions a luxurious bathroom. It’s true that the two haven’t always gone hand in hand: For some, sustainability paints a picture of austerity, while luxury brings to mind lavish extravagance. Thankfully, that paradigm is shifting, and the selection of sustainable luxury products for the bath is swelling. Sustainably sourced materials for the bath include those that are recycled or reclaimed, rapidly renewable, and/or certified as sustainable. Durability is supremely important, as a longer-lasting material will not need to be replaced as quickly and thus won’t take up space in a landfill.

Newport Brass

Newport Brass is committed to the principals of Sustainability as we strive to deliver the highest quality products, incorporating environmentally sound processes into the manufacturing of products that care for the environment. An ongoing Green Brand campaign from Newport Brass includes a customer awareness program, customer service training, and employee awareness and engagement efforts.


PeoplePlanetWater is TOTO’s mark of excellence that represents TOTO’s superior accomplishments in engineering, technology, research & development, sustainability, water conservation, data & metrics, and a multitude of certifications, specifications, and BIM. PeoplePlanetWater stands for TOTO’s innovation around technology that directly benefits people, the environment, and water-saving efforts.


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