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Electric Mirror – the Wave of the Future

Is it a mirror? Or is it a TV?

It’s both! Electric Mirror, recently introduced in the renovated Bel-Air Hotel in Los Angeles, seamlessly blends form and function. We are thrilled to showcase this innovative collection at Immerse!

Electric Mirror offers an array of state-of-the-art products that create the ultimate first impression. We are excited to be the only dealer in over 200 miles that offers this cutting-edge line.

Modern Lighted Mirrors: These eco-friendly mirrors provide custom lighting with a simple touch of luxury. They make putting on makeup a dream!

Mirror TVs: Gaze at your reflection, OR watch your favorite TV show, or both! When you turn your tv off, your space is still turned on!

Waterproof TVs: The waterproof TV transforms a bathroom into a luxury spa. The simple-to-install waterproof design allows you to relax, revitalize and soak in a tub, while enjoying your favorite show.

Bath Cabinets: This collection is a fusion of design subtlety and modern technology. They provide perfect lighting AND vivid TV viewing in an ultra slim mirrored medicine cabinet.

Stay ahead of the curve and come see Electric Mirror for yourself. Stop into Immerse to experience the latest bath technology and how it is transforming the way people think about their design projects!

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