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Have a Date with Your Tub or Shower this Valentine’s

Single on Valentine’s Day got you feeling lonely? Soaking in a warm bath or shower helps!

When people are lonely and seeking connectedness, they tend to spend more time in warm baths and showers, substituting physical warmth for emotional warmth The substitutability of physical and social warmth in daily life. Bargh JA, Shalev I.  By showering or bathing in warm to hot water, we can actually ease loneliness and feelings of isolation. Warm baths may also cue oxytocin, the hormone responsible for making us feel relaxed and bonded with others. Typically released when we’re experiencing closeness to others, researchers believe that rises in body temperature can cause oxytocin to be released too. Oxytocin linked antistress effects–the relaxation and growth response. Uvnäs-Moberg K. Acta physiologica Scandinavica. Supplementum, 1997;640:38-42..

In addition to the oxytocin amping, your showering routine can affect you in other ways as well:

Some Like It Hot

  • Hot showers can relieve tension and soothe stiff muscles. If you have a powerful showerhead, even better! Let the hot water work like a minimassage on your shoulders, neck, and back.
  • A hot shower also acts as a natural decongestant to relieve cold symptoms, since the hot steam moisturizes nasal passages.

Some Like It Cold

  • Cold showers — as unbearable as they are — are actually really good for our bodies! Turning your shower cold for the last five minutes can help “shock” your body awake. This instant change in temperature relieves your body of fatigue and increases your mental alertness.
  • A “cooler” shower (around 68 degrees) for two to three minutes once or twice daily is recommended by researchers as a treatment for depression. Just make sure you check in with your doctor before testing this out!
  • Cold showers are better for our hair and skin too. Where a hot shower can dry things out, a cool rinse can help seal hair cuticles, resulting in shine and locking in moisture.

For the most innovative shower and bath technology, visit our showroom. We have the plumbing set up inside a shower with many different heads and knobs.

Shower Handles and Showerheads at the Immerse Showroom

Grohe has some state-of-the-art showering systems. In January, we witnessed this new smart control thermostatic shower system at Luxury Products Group in San Antonio. Grohe Thermostatic ShowerheadGrohe Thermostat Showerhead

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