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Hydrate Winter Skin with Steamist® Steam Shower

It’s the first day of winter. The air outside full of electrostatic chill. You need your chapstick, car seat warmer and hydration for your skin. Enter, Steamist’s steam shower.

Turn your daily shower ritual into a luxurious spa experience with a steam shower!  This is technology for anyone who is living.  Imagine having the ability to, with a gentle touch, transform your steam shower experience with color, aroma or sound. That seems magical right? You’d be willing to exchange other less notable experiences inside your home for this. It will become your oasis inside your home. You will long to be in your bathroom. Seriously,  this author is daydreaming about this technology while writing about it.

steamis-steam-shower-immerse-stlWe all completely understand the value of relaxation. The steam shower is the place to relax. Your stress quickly replaced by restful serenity as your skin is hydrated – defying the effects of aging. A Steamist® steam shower will enhance your life in many ways.

The operation of Steamist is turnkey. Through advanced touch screen controls that allow you to program individual settings, you get to keep your identity in your shower.  You may even use the Steamist app on your phone to access your Steamist profile from inside your home network.

The Four Spa Options in a Steamist® steam shower include:

  • ShowerSense™ – enables installation of 3 different shower outlets.chromasense-steamist-immerse-stlouis
  • Chromasense – color therapy, white with 6 color options
  • Aromasense – combines steam with one or two of 5 essential oil options
  • Audiosense – Harmonize steam with your favorite music. You may even choose to have the speakers hidden and have your high fidelity sound transferred right through the shower wall.

So more over Calgon. Steam showering is the 21st century bathroom remodel invention that’s time is due. To experience a Steamist shower in person, bring your plumber or designer to Immerse in Brentwood and try it.


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