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Industrial Steampunk Kitchen & Baths

We have been witnessing the whimsical industrial look of Steampunk décor in kitchen and bath plumbing designs recently.

What is Steampunk ?  Think of the industrial and technological innovations of the late 19th century reinterpreted and repurposed with a futuristic spin. The design brings the legacy of the industrial revolution to life in an imaginative way.

Steampunk uses industrial elements prominently in its style. It blends old fashioned curiosities of pocket watches and gramophones with dirigibles and flying machines. It mixes the softness of Victorian sweetness with leather and exposed pipes and ornately carved furniture. Steampunk style is highly tactile. Roughly textured or heavily embroidered fabrics, hammered and distressed metals, and crudely hewn woods, are balanced by a handful of more polished surfaces. Blacks and browns figure prominently in Steampunk looks, as do metallic hues such as silver, gold, pewter, and copper. Rusty reds also speak to the industrial overtones.

Some images of plumbing fixtures that fits nicely into this design category:

Aurora tub by Native Trails

This artisan crafted Aurora copper bath tub by Native Trails fits into the Steampunk decor theme.  The Aurora copper tub is artisan crafted and forged of high-quality recycled copper.

 Native Trails Tuscany Round MirrorNative Trails’ Tuscany Round Mirror’s tempered finish frame, hand-forged accent nails, and hand hammered copper present a striking, inimitable work of art that will enchant and inspire.
Atlas Homewares' Steampunk collection
Inspired by the Industrial Revolution, science fiction and fantasy – introducing the Atlas Homewares Steampunk hardware collection.
franz viegener and stone forest industrial
 Franz Viegener’s handles and Stone Forest‘s vessel combine to create an impressive Steampunk pedestal.
Waterworks Elan Vital Collection
Watermarks‘ Elan Vital Collection boasts exquisite lever handles anchoring them in the 19th century, yet their modern curves scream timeless elegance.
We carry each of the above mentioned lines and more at Immerse in St. Louis. Please visit our showroom in Brentwood to experience firsthand all kinds of new design elements for bathrooms and kitchens.

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