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What do I consider when selecting a kitchen sink?

The fact that there are very few features in a home that are used as often for multiple purposes, makes the selection of a sink one of the most important kitchen choices you can make. One that will affect your daily life for many years to come. Here are some pointers to consider when selecting your kitchen’s sink:

The first point to consider is how you want to mount the sink. For example, does an “apron front” or farmhouse style sink interest you where a panel of the actual material of the sink is exposed along the front. For people of shorter stature and kids, this style sink can be more accessible. Or does undermounting a sink to your countertop appeal more to you? Undermounts can make cleanup a smoother process.

A second point to think about is the type of sink material you want.  Stainless steel is classic, easy to care for, and will have the most extensive offering of shapes and sizes. 

If you prefer a sink with color, you have options. Quartz is a composite material, man-made from a base of stone and resin. It has vast design options, as it is a molded product.  Porcelain, cast iron and fireclay sinks most often have a clean glossy finish.  The standard color is white, but some manufacturers offer additional choices, including patterns.  These sinks are durable but can show scratches over time, and if they chip, can be difficult to repair.

Yet another consideration in kitchen sink selection is the sink shape and size. Do you prefer a single or double bowl? There are 50/50 split sizes, and also styles that have a smaller and larger combination.  Some will offer the smaller bowl to be more shallow or act as a raised shelf. You’ll want to choose rounded or square corners on the interior of the sink too. For function, there are accessories to consider like colanders, drying racks, interior grids, decorative drains, and more.

To get more questions answered on selecting the sink for your kitchen, please visit our showroom with your designer or plumber and ask away! You’ll find answers at Immerse in Brentwood.

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