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Matte is the New Black

Matte Black Faucets Available at Immerse

Matte black is basking in a moment in the designer spotlight. Thanks to its dramatic nature, this hue is the perfect way to make bold statements in even the smallest of spaces. The color trend is found in bathrooms and works well in kitchens too. It is classic in the fact that it will always work with just about every style and color palette that you have going on. A matte black faucet can add a simple, modern visual; plus it won’t show wear and tear or water spots as easily as some other finishes.  Just make sure to pepper in a few other black elements around the room, to tie it together and highlight subtle features that might otherwise be overlooked.

Here is just one version of a black matte faucet in each of the brands at Immerse who offer this color option. To see more, schedule an appointment and visit our Brentwood, MO showroom.

Brizo Black Matte Faucet at Immerse in St. Louis
Brizo Matte Black Faucet


One of Brizo’s special edition bath suites features the aesthetic sense of a renowned fashion designer coupled with the design and innovation that could only come from Brizo. SmartTouchPlus™ Technology adds proximity sensing to their existing touch technology, allowing for both hands-free and touch-sensitive operation.

Delta Matte Black Faucet Available at Immerse
Delta Matte Black Faucet


The high-contrast Matte Black finish is now an option for some Delta kitchen faucets and pot fillers, along with other accessories. For the bath, it’s available in several of their collections as well.
The expansion of the Matte Black finish may seem like a small thing, but it is mighty and can make all the difference in a well-designed room.

DXV Matte Black Faucet Available at Immerse in St. Louis
DXV Matte Black Faucet


A unique kitchen faucet should be the centerpiece of your luxury kitchen design. It is the true jewel of a well-appointed kitchen. With sturdy brass construction, leak-free performance, and built-in convenience features, DXV kitchen faucets define luxury performance for today’s kitchen work spaces. As are their luxury bathroom faucets. DXV designs with exquisite detail and precision. Their bathroom faucets are available for nearly every sink or countertop configuration including vessel and wall mount applications.

Lacava Matte Black Faucet Available at Immerse
Lacava Matte Black Faucet


Lacava is a leading designer and manufacturer of bath furniture, sinks, faucets and fixtures, bathroom accessories, tubs and toilets in contemporary and transitional styles for the most discerning tastes and for sophisticated, unique lifestyles.


Moen Black Matte Kitchen Pull Down Faucet
Moen Matte Black Faucet

Discover a head-turning centerpiece for your kitchen that combines the latest innovation with lasting sophistication with the Moen kitchen faucet collection. MOEN’s line of kitchen faucets delivers streamlined functionality and timeless styling. Presented in a smooth, matte black finish, their pull down sprayer kitchen faucets are designed to meet personal preferences with a host of performance features that make them extremely flexible and friendly to use.

Newport Brass Matte Black Faucet Available at Immerse
Newport Brass Matte Black Faucet

Newport Brass

The faucets pairs clean-lined, angled handles with a curved spout. Manufactured in California and constructed out of solid brass for maximum durability, this collection includes lavatory faucets, tub and shower sets, Roman tub fillers and matching bath accessories. With 29 finishes to choose from, the faucets meet WaterSense requirements, California Economic Commission and CALGreen standards. The product also features ADA-compliant handles.

Watermark Matte Black Faucet Available at Immerse
Watermark Matte Black Faucet


Watermark offers customizable faucets, giving users the ability to play with color, form and texture. Their first self-designed faucet collection is comprised of 14 handle styles, and a base with two options for inserts. The handles are grouped into four material categories: Raw, Rock, Lumber and Forged. The decorative inserts are offered in two styles: Bridge style and Scallop style.

Waterstone Matte Black Faucet Available at Immerse
Waterstone Matte Black Faucet


Waterstone is an American kitchen faucet manufacturer creating luxury kitchen faucets, kitchen accessories and cabinet hardware. They make pull down faucets, prep faucets, water filtration faucets, bar faucets, bridge faucets and Gantry pulldown faucets for any traditional or contemporary kitchen design. Come see some in our 4500 square foot showroom in St. Louis.

Opting for a matte black finish on plumbing and hardware makes for an impressive style choice in your culinary space, while also acting as a functional addition. (It helps to hide pesky fingerprints and stains easier than its glossy counterparts.)

In the bath, matte black is becoming an increasingly common choice for faucets, shower heads, hardware and light fixtures as well. When a bathroom’s finishing touches are chosen in this dark, muted, contrasting shade, bathrooms have the potential to become works of art. 

Classic yet trendy, matte black options for your kitchen and bath are endless. Immerse showcases many brands offering this trendy option. To learn more about matte black options for your kitchen and bath, visit Immerse in St. Louis today.

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