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MicroSilk™ – A New Way to Bathe

It’s all about the bubbles! MicroSilk™ Hydrotherapy by Jason International offers so much more than just a relaxing bath. This innovative technology is unlike any bath you’ve experienced, and now you can experience it at our studio!

What’s the difference?

Billions of oxygen-rich microbubbles super saturate the bath water and create therapeutic levels of anions, which are known to improve serotonin levels. This helps to relax the mind and body, promoting deep sleep, and enhancing recovery from physical exhaustion. This is not your average “bubble bath”!

MicroSilk™ increases oxygen levels up to 70 percent higher than common tap water. Because they’re so small, the microbubbles remain suspended in the water, blanketing your body in a luxurious cloud of oxygen. This increased oxygen level provides a multitude of benefits for the mind, body and spirit, including:

Moisturizing and cleansing at the same time. The negatively charged bubbles enter your pores, bond to impurities, and gently lift them away, leaving your skin clean and feeling silky smooth.

Continual, consistent warmth. Because of their tiny size, microbubbles tend to remain suspended below the water’s surface. As suspended bubbles collapse, heat energy is released into the water. Your bath water stays warm… no need to continually add more hot water!

Be clean AND green! By maintaining the warm temperature, the dissolving microbubbles help save water and energy. Microbubbles also help reduce chemical use because they clean your skin, reducing the need for soap. That’s good for you and the environment.

It’s good for your health. The bath’s increased oxygen level energizes cells, stimulates the immune system, kills bacteria, and promotes healing. We like to call it the perfect “detox bath”; good for both body and mind.

Stop into our studio to learn more about the “magic bath” and see the difference for yourself!

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