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Midcentury Modern Kitchen Design HOT in 2016

Midcentury modern kitchen design is heating up in 2016.  Houzz design experts credit this trend to the popularity of midcentury modern furniture and they are witnessing the period design trickling down to kitchens. Look for more kitchen styles that offer a nod to the ’60s modern style, also called Nordic style. And get in on this minimalist movement by choosing predominantly white color palettes, designing with light wood textures and clearing away unnecessary clutter.  This design trend is all about simplicity and functionality.

Another popular aspect of the Midcentury modern look is the pop of color. Colored sinks, backsplashes, island counters and accent cabinets are all items with stronger hues that have previously been delegated to more neutral pallets.  Even appliances like slide-in stoves and countertop appliances are taking on color to add a more modern feel with pops of energy throughout kitchens.

Midcentury modern design is increasingly showing up in the St. Louis area as a result of our recently acquiring an IKEA. We expect this trend to increase as this store influences our area with its Nordic styles.

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