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Open Showers – Trends in Bathroom Design

Open showers are a trend that has made its way to the U.S. While open showers or wet rooms have been popular in other parts of the world, they’re beginning to gather momentum here this year.

Open showers don’t have a curtain or a door. Instead, they are designed such that they can either let the water spray where it will or have a small lip to help keep the water in. Thanks to the lack of curtain, open showers get to show off their design details, making the tile and faucet focal points of the bathroom.

Here are some open shower designs we find inspiring. If you have designed one, we’d love to see it. Please send us your open shower photos.

Open showers are not just a trend. They are a solution that can help saving money and time, and maintenance efforts. For instance, showers without doors add space to a maybe otherwise claustrophobic cabin. You just need to plan it properly and choose the perfect location for it.

Whether you choose to completely renovate the room, or you’re just looking for a way to give it a small style boost this year, let Immerse help you achieve all your bathroom goals. Make your appointment conveniently online.

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