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Showering Like Shakira

Do you sing in the shower? Perhaps you should. Because you have to breathe a little deeper to belt out songs, singing has been shown to provide some of the same relaxation and mind-clearing benefits as meditation.

And if you do sing in the shower, you’re not alone.  At a recent conference, Spotify CEO Daniel Ek revealed that there are 39,000 active playlists named “Shower” on Spotify. And these playlists get 550,000 streams every day. (Pun intended).  

When examining the science of sound, we learn that the shower can make anyone’s voice sound more appealing. When you sing in a large open room, your voice travels out and you only hear it as your throat produces it. Shower stalls resemble sound booths and can naturally amplify certain frequencies of sound, known as the resonant frequencies. In the average sized shower, the fundamental resonant frequency is about 100 hertz.  This matches the natural bass tones of the human voice, making your voice sound deeper and fuller than normal.

Couple the health benefits with your newfound shower shower singing abilities, and you might want to examine all the new ways to include sound inside your shower. There are all sorts of ways to bring music into your shower and bathroom. Here are a few we can help you examine at Immerse:

BainUltra’s Sound Therapy

bainultra-sound-therapy-immerseBain Ultra offers Sound Therapy in their Vedana series. Sound therapy uses music (with various wavelengths and frequencies) to re-establish physical and emotional equilibrium.

Physically, music—through its vibrations—has the ability to modify molecular structure because our tissue, bones, and organs are in a constantly vibrating state. In a healthy body, all these components vibrate harmoniously.

In BainUltra’s Vedana, you are surrounded by sound on all sides. The wavelengths and frequencies of the music composed for their care unit are calibrated to re-establish physical and emotional equilibrium.


Grohe’s Aquatunes

Aquatunes is an exciting collaboration combining the benefit of PHILIPS electronics expertise with GROHE’s in-depth understanding of creating unique bathroom experiences. Developed to bring emotion to the bathroom space, Aquatunes allows you to play music via Bluetooth on the wireless water-resistant speaker, transforming your showering experience.

Grohe’s Aquatunes speaker connects with mobile devices via Bluetooth technology – within a range of up to 10 m. Press the sync button to connect and stream music from your mobile device. Adjust volume and use the previous/next track buttons on the speaker to enjoy your favorite music of the day.



Jason Bluetooth Sound Immersion System

Jason offers Sound-transducing speakers that provide sound from your choice of Bluetooth input devices through the shell of the bath. A pair of transducers are pre-attached to the bath and provided with a Bluetooth amplifier in all Jason’s Home Spa baths.

It is arguably a better way, emotionally and physically, than coffee to start your day. So why not turn up the tunes and bring out your inner Shower Shakira? It’s a great idea to incorporate sound options in a bathroom remodel. Ask your designer about the myriad of options for installing speakers in the wall or ceiling of your bathroom. And bring him or her to Immerse to experience them first hand.

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