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Healing Sanctuary with a Steam Shower

Imagine what it would be like to have a natural healing sanctuary in your home that adds value to your life as well as your home. Your bathroom can be a place where wellness is a priority, an area where you find a balance of the mind, body, and spirit.  By adding a steam shower to your bathroom, you can improve your home’s marketability while transforming your holistic well-being.

While easy bathroom upgrades for adding value to the home include installing a new toilet, putting in attractive lighting, painting using a neutral palette, and updating the hardware. You might take it a step further.  “We’re seeing that people no longer see the bath as a utilitarian space and more as an experiential space,” interior designer Young Huh told Elle Décor. “They’re looking for spa-like experiences as well as a kind of theatrical beauty for what used to be a very interior and private space.”

Tap into this spa-inspired bathroom trend by installing a steam shower. In fact, merely using the term “steam shower” in a listing elicits a strong response. According to Zillow’s “Listing Features That Sell” analysis, a home that is advertised as having a steam shower can sell for up to 30.7 percent above the expected sale price.

The cost for installing a steam shower depends on several factors, such as if a remodel is turning a standard shower into a steam shower, choice of materials, and how sophisticated you want to get with accessories such as fold-down seats, AromaTherapy, or built-in speakers. But on average, an at-home steam room is an additional 25 percent investment on a shower remodel budget. 

Unlike the massive whirlpool baths that used to be popular, steam showers are more affordable in the long run. A week’s worth of steam showers sips 14 gallons of water, about 1 ½ gallons per session. Energy consumption is also low—less than $1 per steam session—making a residential steam shower an affordable luxury that will appeal to home shoppers. For more, see “Will Your Steam Shower Add Resale Value?”

Immerse sells Mr. Steam and Steamist, both outstanding manufacturers of steam showers and accessories.

Considering MrSteam makes steam boilers for the US Navy, hospital operating rooms, and the Kennedy Space Center, it’s no wonder discerning design professionals and homeowners insist on the same exacting quality and innovation. And Steamist has a rich 50-year history of quality and service to designers, plumbing professionals, and homeowners.

Whether creating a relaxing home steam shower or a deluxe commercial hotel, gym, or resort steam spa, you will find the perfect MrSteam or Steamist product at Immerse’s St. Louis showroom. Book your tour and try a steam shower today.

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