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Trending in Kitchen & Bath Design – Unlacquered Brass

Unlacquered brass is getting a gold medal in 2016.

the-marlton-waterworks-NY-hotel-unlacquered-brassUnlike polished brass with its solid construction for durability and reliability, and premium color finish for resisting tarnishing and corrosion, unlacquered brass finish accentuates the natural, inherent beauty of brass while allowing the pieces to gently patina over time. It’s used in many fine establishments and homes who wish to present an old world elegance and sophisticated look. Unlacquered brass finish is raw, “living finish” brass that is left unlacquered to allow for natural darkening with time. The living finish adds depth and warmth to any room.

A material known for both its durability and warm aesthetic, brass has a history that reaches back to the elegance of Victorian design as well as a recent resurgence with an altogether modern approach. Naturally, brass will tarnish with use for an aged appearance. Unlacquered Brass is beautiful out of the box, at 6 months and equally stunning after a year. Whether allowed to naturally tarnish over time or polished to restore its brilliance, unlacquered brass adds warmth to modern designs and a sense of history to traditional settings.

Brass is bold, it’s gutsy, and it complements a number of color schemes perfectly – whether you’re looking for light and airy or dark and sensual this finish can be coordinated with a variety of textures and patterns to create a distinct look. Allow your unlacquered brass to naturally tarnish over time or polish it to restore its brilliance.

At Immerse, we carry several brands who offer unlacquered brass finishes on their kitchen and bathroom faucets. Waterworks is exclusively available at Immerse. Watermark, Newport Brass, and Franz Viegener all offer brass fixtures through Immerse in St. Louis as well. Come see how this elegant style looks on any number of sinks and baths at our hands-on showroom in Brentwood, Missouri.

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