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The Most Used Seat in the House

TOTO Toilets at ImmerseYou guessed it, the most used seat in your home is your toilet. Why not find a “throne” that suits your every desire then?

There are so many varieties of toilets to choose from. From one piece or two piece, to dual flush, water conserving, round front or elongated, wall mount or floor, and comfort height (ADA-compliant), there are many shapes, sizes, heights, and features that go into the decision process when selecting your commode.

We’ve gathered a list of some of the most prominent features found in the modern toilets, bidets, and washlets found at Immerse in St. Louis:


This feature pre-mists the toilet or washlet bowl before you use it.  This helps flush your toilet more effectively compared to flushing a dry bowl.

Heated Toilet Seat

Sometimes you just need a little pampering in private. Add some comfort to your chilly trips to the loo in winter with a heated toilet seat option.

Air Dryer

The warm air dry after the rinse from the bidet or washlet offers hands-free drying with the ease and comfort of a temperature-adjustable warm-air dryer.

Night Light

With a night light built in, you can safely locate your toilet in the dark without turning on the light.

Automatic Lid

This is a lid that automatically opens and closes when you approach the toilet. The lid closes gently after use too, eliminating toilet seat slam.

Energy Saving

Low flow toilets and washlets’ energy saving modes can decreases their energy consumption.

Self Cleaning

Self-cleaning toilet bowls clean and remove stains with just one press of a button! And these American Standard toilets come equipped with a The Child Lock feature that allows you to lock the system, so little curious fingers aren’t able to activate a clean cycle for fun. DXV offers their EverClean surface that inhibits the growth of mold, mildew, and bacteria. TOTO’s eTechnology uses electrolyzed water to mist your bowl and reduces the need for harsh cleaning chemicals.

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