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A Wellness Oasis

Creating a Wellness Oasis at Home

If you’re looking to improve your overall wellness, there is no other substance on Earth that can match the healing properties and restorative powers of water. 

Hydrotherapy, the practice of submerging all or parts of the body in water for medicinal purposes, was first developed in the ancient cultures of Greece, China and Japan. It has since expanded greatly and is now an often prescribed treatment for a broad range of physical maladies as well as luxurious indulgences at resorts and day spas.

Benefits of Bathing

While bathing is a daily necessity that is integral to maintaining your health and appearance, it can also be a restorative ritual that soothes your mind and relaxes the body. Sometimes all we have time for is that quick shower and taking care of the essentials, but when we choose to dedicate time to refreshing in a steamy, scented soaking tub with soft lighting, a good book and a plush towel warming on a towel bar nearby, that’s when we can greatly affect our overall well-being. 

Immerse carries so many products for your in-home wellness center. From the wooden tray that operates as your caddy for that glass of wine and a book, to the heated towel bar supplying you with a warmed plush towel to dry off, and all sorts of therapies offered in various tubs, Immerse can supply you with the soothing spa-like bathroom for improving and focusing on your wellness. Here are some examples of bathroom products at Immerse that will complete your tranquil bathroom oasis:

Towel warming bar:

Towel Warming Bars by Vogue UK available at Immerse

Bathtub Caddy for holding your wine & your reading material:

Wine caddy for your bathtub


BainUltra’s aromatherapy diffuser releases a mist of essential oils that can be used for toning, anti-inflammatory, or regenerating therapies.

BainUltra Aromatherapy Diffuser BathtubChromotherapy is not just a visual sensation but a real science that uses changes in color to transform bliss. The use of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and violet through an LED light system integrated into the BainUltra Bathtub can be mood transforming.

Chromotherapy Bathtub

Thermotherapy takes advantage of the healing effects that comes with heat. A BainUltra Bathtub with WarmTouchShell is a high-tech product that can raise an internal body temperature, having positive outcomes with oxygen circulation within blood flow and muscle relaxation.

Bain Ultra Thermotherapy Bathtub

Whirlpool tubs Whether you choose the soothing of soaking or an invigorating jetted whirlpool with swirls of pulsing water to knead the day’s tensions out of tired muscles, there’s no denying the rejuvenating effects of a bathing oasis. However, the shower can offer much in the way of health benefits as well.

Whirlpool Tubs at ImmerseBenefits of a Steam Shower

The health benefits of steam are far-reaching and to be noted as we all try to live more healthy, active lifestyles these days. 

  • Steam cleanses and nourishes the skin, leaving it with a healthy glow
  • Steam is a natural detox that removes harmful impurities from your body.
  • Steam relieves symptoms of colds, flu, sinusitis, bronchitis, allergies, asthma, throat irritation, arthritis and more. Sore, tired muscles? Rigid joints? Steam eases the pain.
  • Steam promotes relaxation and tranquility, paving the way for restful sleep and wellness.

Steam Showers at Immerse

Compound the therapeutic effects of water by combining it with other stress-relieving bathroom products to improve your well being. Take that purifying effect water can have on the body and mind and build on it with many bathroom accessories available in St. Louis, many of them exclusively, at Immerse. Book your tour of our showroom today.

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