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Retreat to Your Shower Spa

Your shower… it’s a daily oasis inside your home. Today’s marketplace offers many options for creating an individualized shower experience. Through a carefully selected shower head, sound therapy system, steam shower, or aromatherapy system, and safety accessories, you can turn this daily ritual into an anticipated, extraordinary retreat. 

Whether you go with a stand-alone shower or tub-and-shower combination, you have many options as far as style, color and tile. Here are some things to consider when installing your shower’s spa-like features:

Is it a 1 or 2 person shower?  Accommodating two parties at the same time with different experiences for each means potentially offering the most options.  Options for experiences include:

Multi-function Showerhead – These deliver a variety of functions, specific massage options and a range of intensities, from pulsing blasts to gentle mists.

Rainhead – Rainheads are sometimes mounted from the ceiling and mimic the luxurious drenching of a summer downpour for a soothing experience. 

Handheld Shower – These can be mounted on a hook or on a slide bar.   When using a slide bar, the handshower can be used for a main showerhead, a body spray, a rinsing agent or a second showerhead.  A shower head and handheld shower combination are increasingly popular.

Bodysprays  – or wall-mounted shower heads, have seen more limitations with regulations regarding water conservation, but may be still be personal favorites of people who have had them in the past. Bodysprays offer a variety of different experiences based on your personal preferences. Some types save space by discreetly blending into the wall, while others are adjustable for a range of intensities. 

Luxury Home Spa St. LouisAromatherapy –  Aromatherapy systems operate on the principle of essential oil nebulizing diffusers and use pure essences of aromatic plants, flowers, or resins to stimulate the sense of smell and enable their absorption directly through the skin, allowing the whole body to benefit therapeutically. 

Steam – Steam showers are not only deeply relaxing, they also help your body to remove toxins and impurities while cleansing your skin and promoting respiratory health. For more benefits of a steam shower, visit our blog article on them. 

Sound Therapy – Sound systems can totally envelop you, covering all audible frequencies to provide you with an exceptional care experience. Speakers can even be installed behind shower surrounds for continuity of design preference.

Light Therapy – Immerse has shower systems for offering light therapy technology, with cutting edge light intensity, wavelength, and range for compensating for a lack of exposure to the sun and its beneficial rays. It resets your internal clock and keeps away the blues. Chromatherapy is a system that diffuses colors with precise wavelengths to maximize the therapeutic benefits designed for your needs of the moment. 

Grab bars – Grab bars make getting in and out of the shower easier for people of all ages and abilities.

Shower Seat – Adding a seat to the shower space can provide a convenient place to shave legs, and offer comfort and convenience to every member of the family.

We offer many options for creating your in-home spa. Visit Immerse’s 4000 square foot showroom in St. Louis with your designer or plumber when you are ready to begin your wellness journey from inside your home.

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